About OrnetPower

OrnetPower Ltd. was founded in 1998.

The company employs some 160 experts in a variety of fields, including engineering, design, manufacturing, service, maintenance, projects and military/aviation.

The engineering team at OrnetPower has vast experience with power supply products and the ability to provide optimal solutions by accommodating standard products and/or developing and manufacturing unique products tailored to our clients’ needs.

Areas of expertise:

Designing and manufacturing distribution boards and power systems, project implementation, marketing and selling UPS systems and batteries, designing and manufacturing electric solar energy devices, campus maintenance, and designing and manufacturing electronic and communication devices for the aviation/military industry (systems and harnesses).

OrnetPower operates 23 service teams throughout Israel who install and maintain systems on-site.

OrentPower installs thousands of systems in Israel and abroad. Our clients in Israel include leaders in the Israeli market such as Israel Aerospace Industries, Ministry of Defense, Israel Police, Elbit Systems, Bezeq International, Cellcom, Israel Railways, Motorola Solutions, Partner and more.

OrnetPower is the exclusive importer of various products manufactured by CSB, DELTA, ENATEL, JEMA and ZPAS, CE+T,D,C.

OrnetPower is committed to providing all clients with the most advanced and reliable technologies in the world, accompanied by the professional, courteous service that we have offered for over 16 years.

OrnetPower specializes in hot swapping distribution boards in communication facilities without deactivating the system.

OrnetPower has been approved by the Standards Institute as ISO9001/2000 compliant.

Distribution board standard 71718 (Israel standard #61439)

Aviation standard – AS 9100


The company specializes in:

Electric and low-voltage infrastructure –

Laying electric infrastructure in public and industrial buildings, installing boards, lighting and power points

Laying low-voltage infrastructure (structure monitoring, communications)

Specializes in hot swapping at communication centers (without deactivation)

Telecommunication-supporting construction tailored to customer needs (construction, carpentry, welding, air-conditioning)

Designing and constructing electrical infrastructure for critical facilities

Building infrastructure according to the red/black separation standard

Operating teams with up to “top-secret” security clearance

Distribution boards -

The factory manufactures distribution boards to produce electricity up to 3200A

Primary boards

Control boards

DC boards

Distribution panels

Boards for communication boxes and cars

Power systems –

Manufacturing power systems, UPS  systems and batteries by DELTA, CE+T, MAGNUM and ENATEL

Representative of Delta Energy Systems – a world leader in power supply production

Designing and manufacturing modules for distribution and input endurance

Selling batteries for communications and UPS equipment – representing CSB, D&C companies

Designing and implementing generation and UPS systems manufactured by DELTA

Supplying and installing AC/DC filtering systems


Preparing tailor-made kits –

RF cables, data cables, voltage

RF installation kit

Power systems installation kit

UPS and battery installation kit


Military/Aviation Department –

The military and aviation department specializes in comprehensive electricity solutions, voltage distribution, command and control, wiring and military packaging

Manufacturing electricity and communications harnesses for military and aviation applications

Full turn-key project implementation for land and aerial military applications

Customized analyses

ISO9001, AS9100 standards

Employee training per IPC620 standard