A/48VDC6000 Power Systems Department 


OrnetPower Ltd. is Israel’s largest manufacturer of 24V and 48V power systems, ranging from 380VDC/10 to V/6000ADC48. Our systems are based on Delta Energy System modules. The Delta system controller is the best on the market and controls leading communication sites worldwide.

In addition, we market batteries up to Ah 10,000, manufactured by the following leading companies:

Batteries manufactured by C&D, USA

Batteries manufactured by Energic

C, S, B batteries

Various types of batteries - AGM, GEL


OrnetPower also manufactures controlled power supplies for 110, 200, 320 and 400 VDC, up to KW200-300 Custom Design.

OrnetPower specializes in hot swaps of up to 10,000A, including replacing boards, batteries and supplies without deactivating the system.

OrnetPower provides ongoing maintenance services at various sites in Israel and abroad.

Our clients include: The Ministry of Defense, Bezeq, Cellcom, Partner, ECI and Israel Railways.